Should Judges Let Their Personal Views Shape Their Decisions?

Should Judges Let Their Personal Views Shape Their Decisions?

→I’m not going to express my view on gay adoption. As an attorney and an officer of the court, I am obligated to follow the law. The difference between me and a judge is that I can choose whether or not to take a case. Judges cannot and should not. A judge signs up for it when they choose to become a judge. That is what is so disturbing about this case.

A judge has a duty to hear the cases brought before them. Regardless of their position on a particular issue. What’s more is that a judge is bound to follow the law in a fair and impartial manner. The entire system fails if they don’t and it comprises the integrity of the judicial process. This is a statement about the law. Not a political statement. Read the article below and see what you think.

http://Kentucky judge won’t hear adoption cases if adults are gay

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